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Roselyn Zeinstra.

roselyn bucket list coach

Naima (Estudiante de Postdoctorado)

“I have worked with Roselyn as my coach using both bucket list and life coaching since May 2020.

He encontrado que el coaching de la lista de deseos es revelador cuando trato de descubrir las metas y sueños que tengo y es fácil de visualizar y recordar. 

Roselyn es positiva, vibrante y llena de buenas ideas sobre cómo ver las situaciones desafiantes desde el lado positivo. 

Su consejo en el coaching de vida no solo te hace sentir más tranquila, sino que también incluye acciones y métodos específicos para promover el cambio y una mejor actitud hacia la vida. 

Roselyn es profesional y seria, a la vez que tranquila y positiva, pero te hará responsable para asegurarse de que progreses. Ella siempre guiará y no influirá tu visión y te ayudará a encontrarla si no te queda claro".– Naima

“Working with Roselyn has been a joy. She helped me rekindle talents and passions that I had neglected for many years. Gentle and intuitive, her style of coaching creates space for reflection and exploration. I highly recommend Roselyn to anyone looking to bring more richness and discovery into their lives.” – Yomaira

Yomaira (instructora de Yoga)

Lindsay Daza (Empresaria y Blogera de Viajes)

“Everyone dreams of places to see, people to meet, or things to do, but many times we get distracted and forget those dreams thanks to the hustle and bustle and daily demands and even much more when the children arrive we think that adventures and some projects are things of the past. That is why coaching with Roselyn helped me a lot to awaken those dreams, ambitions that I had forgotten. I have been able to create a wish list, which more than that have become goals to meet and which I am working on every day.

So, if you have the opportunity to read me, I invite you not to give up and fight for your dreams that with determination and working hard you can achieve them and much more if you are accompanied by an excellent coach like    Roselyn” – Lindsay Daza

“I loved Roselyn’s Bucket List Party Workshop, I had a great time, getting inspired and figuring out new projects with amazing people.” – Adriana (Freelancer)


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