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If you are feeling:

Dissatisfied with your accomplishments

Looking for a personal change

Want to experience more adventure and expand yourself

You feel you can change your life and do not know how

Looking to earn more money and want to do a different job

Want to try new things and you don’t know where to start

You are committed to change the course of your VIDA

Then you might want to keep reading…​

I can say that I have achieved many of the goals I set for myself in life.

I always wanted to study abroad, I did that.

I wanted to work in a non-profit organization, I did that.

I wanted to travel to Australia and Asia, I did that.

I wanted to go running regularly and participate in a city run, I do and I did that.

I wanted to become a mother; I did that too.

I wanted to become an entrepreneur; I am.

I wanted to find a career where I could give the best of myself, and find a higher purpose. I have take on that challenge and it is possible.

I can help you find inner purpose and achieve your goals

Having lived in different countries like Australia, The Netherlands, and Venezuela, I know what it is to be a foreigner or an expat looking for lasting values and life purpose. Even in the nicest places, my personal search to expand myself was present.

In between I experienced, just like anybody else...

Ups and downs, life was not always what I expected. I had to adapt to a different country, find the right job, sometimes meet difficult colleagues, feel lonely, experience stress at work and in my personal life, try to make new friends, make decisions.

It was until I learnt to appreciate myself...

I learnt to appreciate myself, love my life and work proactively on my circumstances to be happy instead of satisfy the world, where I discover myself, fulfilled my personal goals, and also discover that the investment and work on my personal development was one of the most wonderful things I could do to improve myself and the direction of my life.

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