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The corporate trainings provide a way for any organization to reach a better teamwork, personal motivation, and to overcome the distance either physical or ‘cultural’ among employees.


Corporate trainings for groups via Zoom are provided online (worldwide) and on site from the Netherlands.

How this training affects employees?

The training allows employees to identify with each other on a personal level by sharing their life stories and their personal and professional goals, and to see each other achieving these goals or taking concrete steps to achieve these.

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"Bucket-List" Methodology

The training follows the MY BUCKET LIST methodology and it is given in the form of a group workshop with 10 or more participants (online or on site).

Employees can share their experiences, relax, and feel at ease, but also be accountable when sharing their goals and acting on these.

They will work in an informal environment, which is also fun and active to be more motivated and, in the end, not only reach their goals, but also a better cooperation and teamwork by getting to know each member of the group.

As an organization, it is also possible to opt for personal coaching or private programs for employees to overcome their personal barriers or internal conflicts.


Please contact me via email or phone to schedule a 15 min. virtual coffee if you have interest in corporate trainings.
Telephone: +31 6283 24677

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