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Hi, I am Roselyn Zeinstra. I am a life coach helping busy professionals and expats finding a clear sense of direction and purpose in their lives.

We all have busy lives, and sometimes things do not go the way we expect. I help people identify exactly what they want to achieve either personally or professionally, reduce the levels of stress and personal dissatisfaction, and focus more in the present to take the powerful actions to achieve their goals.

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Why I became a Life Coach?

I decided to become a life coach to help people living a life that is more relax and full of purpose.

I saw many people around me being stressed and focusing mainly on their work, and I thought they could benefit from taking a different approach toward their own lives. For example, by gaining a greater balance between their personal and professional goals, and a more abundant, rich, and relaxed life, without having to conform with their circumstances.


We are continuously adding new pages to the books of our lives.

If things do not go as we expect, it might feel we are stuck, or we feel simple sad or without much energy. 

There are ways to change the way we think and manage these life situations; to ensure we break the circle of dissatisfaction or poor results, and start working to get the best results that it is possible to achieve. 

I help people in developing the right attitude and thinking to fulfill their goals.


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Take your chance & Go for change

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