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As a Certified Bucket List coach, I support highly educated and busy professionals creating a life with more joy, deep meaning and personal motivation to accomplish higher personal and professional goals.

I run programs for organisations both big and small. The purpose of the programs is to inspire and motivate attendees, but also to help them discover a purpose. Help them find their WHY. Start designing a life they are passionate about. Organisations who have gone through these programs experience more engaged and motivated employees on the other side.

At some point in my career and in my personal life, I went through life changes that made me feel sad, demotivated and with a lack of personal purpose. I decided back then to implement my personal Bucket List, and my whole life started to change.  First I went travelling to Asia and later on, I started a family and moved to a new city, all of which contributed to find a greater sense of meaning and direction in my life. 

I support also individual clients in the process of discovering themselves, their emotions, and what do they want to achieve. I help them reduce the levels of stress, gain self-confidence, and focus in the present moment and on their wishes, to take the powerful actions to change their life and achieve different results.

We live only once, and life is too short not to live your Bucket List!

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why I became a BUCKET LIST Coach?

i like to motivate working professionals and help them UNDERSTAND THEIR LIVES AND how to achieve the best possible results.

Back in October 2019, I decided to take the certification as a Bucket List coach to help working professionals just like me, to experience a better work-life balance, manage stress, and lead abundant lives where both professional and personal goals can be achieved. 

Previously I worked in consultancies and nonprofit organisations promoting sustainability in the use of natural resources and a reduction in CO2 emissions. I identified projects for renewable energy generation, and supported organisations in developing countries to increase their access to information and knowledge about water management. 

I like working with engineers and I understand the lifestyle of engineers, researchers, and commercial employees. I believe that when people thrive, organisations also thrive.

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We are continuously adding new pages to the books of our lives, and therefore it makes sense to accept all aspects of our past to keep growing and improve.

I support working professionals and highly educated immigrants in their journey to discover themselves, avoid the survival mode, and attain goals that make them feel joyful and satisfied about their life. I help these professionals to see the bright side of themselves and of their lives, to have a deeper sense of purpose, belonging, and to increase their personal motivation and feel more useful for others.

If things do not go as we expect, it might feel we are stuck, or we feel simple sad or without much energy. There are ways to change the way we think and manage these life situations, to ensure we break the circle of dissatisfaction or current results, and start working to get the best results we can possibly achieve.


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