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Mindset Training and tools

Do you have a mind open to changes and new opportunities, or do you focus on what is too difficult to do. Do you believe you will achieve your personal and professional goals? How to get the results you are looking for? Our way of thinking affects the results we attract. I can help you through readings and exercises, to improve your knowledge and thought habits to remain positive and have the right attitude to achieve your goals.

Your zone of genius and finding purpose

I help you first identify your personal and professional goals, identify what makes you happy and do you want to achieve, what is your dream, how do you want to see yourself in the future, and then determine and take the necessary actions that will lead you to your goal. What we do each day in our work and how we use our abilities influences how we feel. Flexibility and consistency are required to get what we want in life. I help you find more focus and discover your capabilities and wishes, to find personal motivation to achieve your goals or to change your occupation if that is what you are looking for.

Review your habits and make the right choices

Habits cover many areas of our life. Some habits we have are positive and help us achieve our goals, and others affect our personal development. I help you identify the habits that are not serving you and change these, to achieve your goals.

Removing difficulties- External and internal obstables

How we handle changes in our life also influences how we feel and our ability to feel happier and more fulfilled in life. I help you manage the change to achieve more relaxation through visualization techniques and meditation exercises; in addition to taking the necessary actions to improve your life.

Happiness and Abundance

This is a broad concept that refers not only to our financial results, but to the way we live. An abundant person has a positive mindset and experiences wealth in all its different forms. This goes beyond the car you drive or the house you live. It includes managing problems, our way of seeing challenges, the personal relationships we have. What we focus our attention on; and how do we feel in relation to money and other personal aspects of our life. This is one of my favorite area of training where I help people to realize and develop their capacities to attract not only abundance but also more happiness into their lives.

Group Coaching - Bucket List Trainings

This training is very special since it allows you to gain clarity about what you are looking for in life, including the personal and professional goals that you are going to set to be happier and feel fulfilled.

As a Bucket List Coach, I am trained to help change people's perceptions, awaken them to life, and help them live their Bucket List or Wish List every day. The Bucket List Coaches have the necessary tools to facilitate online and face-to-face training for our Coaching programs.

All our clients increase their level of engagement throughout the program so that they can be held accountable in a practical way with online and live activities. This program takes two forms.

1. Bucket List Board Workshop: consists of a 2-hour course to help you create your personal and unique Bucket List, to take a visual of how those wishes look to you. It allows you to have more clarity and begin to take action to achieve your goals. Those goals that will add to your life more purpose and meaning.

2. The Life Plan: it is a 12-week program in which we raise your level of commitment and make sure that you get visible changes in your life. During this program you will take concrete actions to change your life and achieve your goals, as well as reconcile yourself and see in a positive way your past and personal story.

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